Where: Installer Free for jailbroken iphones





Hood which is available on Installer, yes Installer! 

Installer is still around for jailbroken phones, and looks bloody nice, but its not the installer of the pre 2.0 firmwares. There isn’t as much stuff available on it, but it’s still pretty cool.

Ok, so what is hood?

Well its a nifty app that opens on top of your springboard no matter which icon page you are on, and allows you to toggle on/off your wifi/Edge(GPRS) and Bluetooth,quickly and easily!

This is what it looks like on installer:


After its installed, to open Hood, simply swipe you finger along the area where the battery indicator is. See the screenshots below:




Another feature of Hood which is shown as the last icon in the second picture above, is the ability to ‘Respring’ or restart the springboard with one click.

Hood is really handy if you want to quickly switch on the GPRS to download emails or surf the web, then switch off again to stop unwanted downloads and data charges.


Well I hope you like Hood!

Till next time……


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