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With iDownload, you are able to download files directly to your iPhone, as well as share files with any web-enabled device. This is supposed to be two-way, so files can be transferred both to and from the iPhone. Although the instructions on the website state that it would be “easy as 1, 2, 3”, I decided to put each function to the test. My results follow below:

Downloading Files
Again, I wasn’t sure where this feature would come in handy. I couldn’t think of a file that I needed to download, but then I read some of the individual reviews on the iTunes store site. kept coming up in conversations as a potential site to use with iDownload. I checked it out using the mini-browser that is included within the iDownload app. I proceeded to listen to several musical files which after I confirmed the “Download Now” prompt, subsequently began to download into the Files section of the app. Within seconds, I had a few songs on my iPhone that I could play at any time. For the record, I chose songs that I already owned, since I have a sneaky feeling that not doing so would be a violation of some kind of copyright law.


Sharing Files
The next step in testing iDownload was to see how easy it would be to share files to and from the iPhone. The instructions said that I needed to enable sharing on iDownload and point my web browser to the web address displayed on my iPhone. Although it did not work the first time, on the second attempt, sure enough I saw a list of the same files on my computer screen. I then got excited and immediately tested the upload file option. Once it was enabled on my iPhone, I proceeded to upload this very review onto my iPhone, and within seconds, I was viewing this document on my iPhone.


Analysis and Conclusion
Although I was skeptical at first as to how easy iDownload would be to use, I was converted soon after playing around with the app for little bit. After reading through the directions and following the “1,2,3” instructions, I now have a method to wirelessly transfer files directly from any web enabled computer to my iPhone and vice versa. This can be a potential lifesaver should I have a file that I need or have at work and I don’t have my usual USB memory stick. As I continue to explore the possibility of shifting completely to a hard-drive less lifestyle, iDownload gives me additional options in helping me get there. The simple little app provides me an easy method to transfer files to and from the iPhone. While I do not envision it as a large file storage solution, it has a nice and clean user interface that allows for easy file sharing.



Well I Hope you enjoyed my first issue of iphone app of the week/tips !




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  1. knottsav says:

    Thanks for the info…some great apps and good write ups. I have grabbed a few of them as a result 🙂

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