Where: Cydia Free for Jailbroken Phones


What is iPhoneModem

iPhoneModem enables sharing of the iPhone’s Internet connection with your Mac or PC.

Why would you need this app?

Well you maybe somewhere where wifi is not available or is too expensive, and you desperately need an active internet connection for your Mac or Pc. By clicking connect on the desktop program called ‘the helper’ and opening the modem program on the iphone, you will be using the internet connection from you iphone and surfing on the Mac/Pc! Obviously, you need to be in cell range for the gprs/3g data to work.

It’s a beautiful, simple and small footprint application for the iPhone and the Desktop computer that anyone can use on a few seconds.

iPhoneModem is available for Jailbreaked devices using the cydia package manager on the phone.

To make connecting a one click task, you should also download the ‘helper’ which is installed on either your Mac or pc, from www.iphonemodem.com.

Here’s what it looks like on the PC when you run it (I’m sure it would look similar on the Mac):














photo1……and here’s how it looks on the iphone!


What does it cost?

Well its free…..sort of! If you want to loose the nag ‘register screen’ and let it run in the background, you will need to register which costs $9.99 US. It will work fine unregistered, but if you use it all the time it would be nice to flick iphonemodem some cash!

Till next week…..

Ants- the iphone guy.


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