Mxtube by MXWeas





Available In: Cydia Free For Jailbroken iphones







Mxtube is an app available for free on cydia, so you will need a jailbroken phone to get it. What does it do? Well, have you ever watched a video on YouTube on your iphone and though it would be cool to be able to download the video and store it on your phone? Well you can! Head to Cydia and click ‘Featured Packages’  

Now scroll down and select ‘MxTube’ and after the install page appears, click ‘Install’ in the top right corner.

Once installed, run MxTube

It is so simple to use. Click the search icon and look for a video.

After you select a video, you can choose to stream it and watch it right away or download it.

Now choose the quality of the download. High via wifi is obviously the best quality.

And Voila your video is now downloading!

Once its downloaded it will be accessible under the videos tab.

Enjoy!! Cheers Ants


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