Optimized igoogle for iphone gone!


26th Jan 2009 Ok so it’s getting wierder now!
It works on the GPRS network( or edge ) perfectly, not on wifi !!! Buggered if I know!!!!

Now its not again!!!!ahhhhhhh!!! Back to bloody mobile version again! What is going on! 11:22pm Nz time

21/01/09 0300 utc 16:00 NZ time, I checked http://www.igoogle.com/ig/i and it rendered beautifully again!!!!

Thankyou google for listening to your users!

Well I never thought that my little igoogle problem would turn into such a major! I posted the following on the google support forums,after noticing a problem with igoogle on the iphone:

Question: Optimized igoogle for iphone gone! Keeps diverting to mobile version!


Level 1

I used to be able to see my iphone optimized igoogle page by loading http://www.google.com/ig/i but now it keeps diverting to http://www.google.com/m/ig which doesn’t render for the iphone nearly as well! It loads rss feeds completely differently and you can’t scroll through all the feeds anymore without loading a new page!

Anyone else have this issue?

Just started doing this today 16/01/09


Needless to say it didn’t take long for the replies to start flooding in from people with the same issue.

It also didn’t take long for a reply from a google rep:


Google Employee

2 people say this answers the question:

Hi everyone,Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll look into it and post back here when I know more.


This was followed up later with this disturbing news:


Google Employee

3 people say this answers the question:

Hey everyone, I have an update for you. We’ve decided to direct iPhone users to the standard mobile iGoogle page. We’ve found that people hit iGoogle from lots of different phones — we want to ensure you’ll all see the same version.Most or all of your existing content should translate over to the standard mobile version. The only exception would be any gadgets that aren’t compatible with most mobile browsers.

We’ve got several articles in our Help Center about the mobile experience on iGoogle, which you can find in our Help Center (linked below).


Well that put the cat amongst the pigeons, and the forum went crazy! I’m not sure why google would change something that was working so well! People are threatening to pack up and leave googleville for yahoo arizona over this one!Lets hope google comes to the party and reverts back to the old igoogle page! Cliche I know, but if ain’t broke….don’t fix it!!!

Check out the full back lash here:



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