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Available In: Cydia Free to try $8us to buy For Jailbroken iphones








The user settings mentioned during the guide for New Zealand Vodafone are:

MMSC: pxt.vodafone.net.nz/pxtsend


APN: live.vodafone.com

USERNAME: (leave blank)

PASSWORD: (leave blank)


USER AGENT: iphone


The following is taken from the SwirlyMMS website.


SwirlyMMS is the only native MMS application for the iPhone and is the de-facto standard for sending and receiving MMS on the iPhone to and from any cell phone. SwirlyMMS has been downloaded more than 1 million times from users spread all over the world!

Download and Installation

SwirlyMMS is available for jailbroken 2G and 3G iPhones. It is very easy to download and install SwirlyMMS via Cydia, the installation program that comes with the jailbreak (read here for jailbreak information). After configuration of your MMS settings you are ready to send and receive MMSs!

Free to try, just $8 to buy!

SwirlyMMS is free to try in 14 days. If you like it you are welcome to buy SwirlyMMS for only $8! The purchase is made from your iPhone via a secure Paypal link. You do not need a Paypal account and you can pay using a major credit card like VISA and MasterCard.

If you are all set, start the installation program Cydia

SwirlyMMS is one of Cydia’s featured applications. Therefore, SwirlyMMS can be found in the Featured Packages list.Featured Packages  


Scroll down to the Commercial Applications section (SwirlyMMS is free to try in 14 days, and costs only $8 if you want to keep it) and tap SwirlyMMS to see its detailsCommercial App  

To install SwirlyMMS tap the Install button.

Install SwirlyMMS  

To confirm to start installing SwirlyMMS tap the Confirm button. 

After having clicked the Confirm button, the download will begin. After SwirlyMMS has been download it is automatically installed by Cydia.

When Cydia is finished installing SwirlyMMS you will be asked to reboot the iPhone device. It ismandatory that you do reboot the iPhone for SwirlyMMS to operate properly!

Confirm Installing SwirlyMMS


After the iPhone has rebooted you will find SwirlyMMS on the Home Screen. 

Installation is now complete and you may now launch SwirlyMMS!

However, before you can send and receive MMSs, you must setup the application as described in the next section.


In order to be able to send and receive MMSs you must first acquire a license and configure SwirlyMMS with appropriate settings that are specific for your Service Provider. The settings are MMSC and Proxy together with APN, Username and Password. Optionally, you may change the default image size when sending a picture and specify a User Agent.

So, without further ado, tap the SwirlyMMS icon to launch the application.

You may jump into the application and look around the different screens. However, to do anything useful you must have a valid license. Thus, the first thing to do is to fetch a demo license, which is a full featured license valid in 14 days. During this period you, our dear user, is encouraged to try this application out!
Ok, to fetch the Demo license, just push the Get Demo button.

Get Demo  

If everything goes well, you should see this popup message within

a few seconds. 

Note: If something goes wrong while fetching the license,

please try again later. If the problem persists,

please try to fetch the license over WiFi instead of over

3G/EDGE/GPRS or vice versa!

That is, disable 3G temporary in
Settings->General->Network: Enable 3G OFF.


Settings->WiFi: WiFi OFF.

Fetch Done



Ok, you have acquired a functional license and are ready to configure SwirlyMMS. Push the Arrow button to jump into SwirlyMMSGo Ahead !

This is the main screen and it shows the different folders where sent and received MMSs goes. 

Take note of the “m” in the statusbar. It indicates whether we have a valid MMS session or not. It is most often grey after a new installation of SwirlyMMS. To be able to send and receive MMSs however, this “m” must be green. In order to make it green we need to configure the settings.So, the first thing to do is go to the SwirlyMMS’s Settings screen. Therfore, tap the Settings icon in the bottom bar.

Go to Settings  

It is very important that you get these settings right. If they are not 100% correct, you will not be able to send and receive MMSs!! 

The settings are specific for your Service Operator. The settings shown in the picture to the left are Telia’s MMS settings in Sweden. Contact your Service Operator to find out your settings! Alternatively, you can scan our forum’s Usable Settings section, or check this list or request the Settings over-the-air (OTA) by pressing that button below.

MMSC and Proxy must always be filled in.

APN, Username and Password may be empty but should oftentimes be defined. If APN, Username and Proxy are correct, you will see a green “m”.

Image size, is set to Medium by default. If you know that your Service Operator can manage large pictures you can change this setting. Note that many Operators have a size limit of 300KB.

User Agent, some Service Operators only accept messages from known handsets. In this case, you can set your handset to be something else. Normally, this is not needed though.

Press the Save button to save your settings.

Save Settings  

So, you have now downloaded, installed and properly configured SwirlyMMS and are therefore ready to start using the application. We will start by sending an MMS to ourselves. Actually, some Service Operators requires that you activate your MMS account by sending an MMS to yourself! Also, ensure that you have MMS on your service plan!


To send an MMS, press the Compose button.Go to Compose  

To compose an MMS a recipient must be defined, either by selecting a contact from the Address Book (1) or by entering the number directly (2). A list of recipients are separated by ‘;’.
A short subject title should be entered (3). 

An MMS is composed of several media parts. SwirlyMMS is able to create an MMS with up to 10 parts. However, some Service Providers limits the number of parts and/or the size of a part and/or the size of the complete MMS. So start out small…

To compose an MMS with pictures taken from the Camera Roll or Photo Album, press the Photo Album button (4).

To snap a new picture with the iPhone, press the Camera button (5).

To write a textual message, press the Text button (6).

To select an existing file, like a video or audio clip, browse the filesystem by pressing the Finder-like button (7).

To rearrange the media parts and/or delete parts from the MMS, press the Media Parts button (8).

Finally, when the MMS has been composed and is ready to be sent, hit the Send button (9).


Ok, lets compose an MMS and have it sent to ourselves. 

Enter phone number (2) or select your contact in the Address Book (1) and a short subject title (3).

Then pick a photo from the Camera Roll (4) or from a Photo Album (4) or snap a picture with the camera (5).

Also, we add a text part to the MMS (6).

We have now composed an MMS with two media parts: one picture and one text part.

Let’s test to send it to ourselves by pushing the Send button (9)!

Send MMS  


The MMS is being sent…Sending MMS  

If everything goes well, you will hear a sound notification within a few seconds, which indicates that you have received an MMS notification. 

Note: you do not need to have SwirlyMMS running to be able to receive MMS notifications since this is handled in the background. In addition to the sound alert, a visual alert shows the number of unread MMSs on the SwirlyMMS icon’s badge in the Home screen.

Navigate to the Inbox folder. There you should see the MMS notification, marked with a blue bullet indicator. Tap it to fetch the MMS!Note: Some Service Operators, e.g. Telia Sweden, do not send out the Subject title in the MMS notification. Therefore, the space below the Senders name/phone number marked with the pink rectangle, may be empty.

Sending MMS  

The retrieval of an MMS is two-folded: first, an MMS notification is sent out to you as an SMS, informing that there is a new MMS ready to be fetched. Second, you fetch the MMS. So, after you tapped the MMS notification, SwirlyMMS connects the Proxy and then begins fetching the MMS

.Fetching MMS  

After the MMS has been fetched, its first media part is automatically shown in the MMS viewer. 

If the MMS contains a subject it is shown in the top middle. The number of media parts is indicated with an Indicator (2). So, in this case the MMS contains two media parts.

You can navigate back and forth between the media parts with the left and right arrows (1).

You can tap a picture to view it in full screen.

You can save a media part by clicking the Save button (4). Note, if you want to add a picture to your Camera Roll, save it in folder: /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE and have it renamed automatically to IMG_nnnn.JPG.

You can Reply and/or Forward an MMS by clicking the Reply/Forward button (5).

You can jump back to where you came from (3).

Fetching MMS  

If you have tried SwirlyMMS out a few days and are satisified

with how it works, you are welcome to make a purchase!

SwirlyMMS costs $8 and buying it involves just a few steps,

as described below. In short, the steps are: Press Buy,

read and accept license agreement, follow the secure

link to PayPal’s payment page, enter credit card information

and complete the payment. After having received the

confirmation email from SwirlySpace, activate the license by

pressing the Buy button followed by Activate. You’re done!



So, in order to make a purchase, just press the buy button.  

Make a purchase



Read and review the Information and License agreement. If accepted, go ahead and press Buy button to launch the Safari Web browser.Read and review  

Read the information on this page, scroll down and press the Buy Now button which open a secure link to PayPal’s payment page.Note: For those of you that hesitate to use your Credit Card on the iPhone, you can make the purchase directly from your desktop computer. In order to do that you must navigate to exactly the same link as shown on this current page! The easiest way to do so is to email this page’s link to your desktop computer by pressing the ‘+’-sign in the bottom, then selecting “Mail Link to this Page”. Alternatively, you can manually enter the same link as shown on this page, i.e.: http://www.swirlyspace.com/PayPal/BuyNow.php?purchase_code=xxx, where the somewhat longish xxx is your unique code. It is very important that you enter everything exactly as shown on this page! Failure to do so will result in an invalid license! 

Read and review  


This is a secure link to PayPal, which you use to complete the purchase. Have your credit card ready and click Continue.Paypal  

Enter your Credit card, address and email
information, then Review your order and Continue. 

Confirm and complete your purchase.Paypal Credit Card  

After having completed the purchase on the PayPal site, you will receive an email confirming your purchase together with instructions how to activate your license. Once email has been received, click the Buy button again to bring up the Activate button

Buy .


Click Activate to fetch the full license.Activate  

If everything goes well, you will see the “Fetching full license – DONE!” message. Dismiss the message and you are ready to send and receive MMSs to and from anyone! Happy MMSing!! Note: If the fetching process failed, please try again later. If the problem persists, toggle your WiFi setting, i.e. if it was switched ON, then switch it OFF, or vice versa, and try to fetch the license again.

Activate ………phew are you still there? I hope this was helpful and you enjoy being able to send and recieve pxt messages like most other mobile phone owners!  




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