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This is by far and away my favourite and most used 3rd party app on my iphone.

If you need to keep track of times for either work or pleasure than this is for you!

I currently use itimesheet every working day and it is solid as a rock.

So what does itimesheet do? I’ll leave that up to the designer to explain…

The following is taken from the itimesheet website……


iTimeSheet offers several functionnalities.

Intuitive, smart and easy to use Interface

The aim of iTimeSheet is to give you a simple way to record you daily tasks. That’s why the user interface is important and that’s why we worked to offer you the best.

As you might work for the same client/mission/task everyday you can set the default values so that you only have to select your task or add a comment and indicate the time spent.

Less than 1 minute and 6 hits* to insert your daily tasks that’s what we offer. You are now able to report your activities everywhere and you will take advantage of your wasted time thanks to a complete professional software in a portable device.


Portable exports

Because analysis and reports can’t be done on the screen of an iPhone, beacuse sometimes you need to cross reports with other informations, exports is a must have. iTimeSheet allows you to export your data in the most common format : Excel.

As you don’t always have a PC or a Mac with iTunes near you iTimeSheet let you send your exported data by email and as iPhone has Wireless connection everywhere (3G,GPRS or Wifi) you can transfer exports anytime, anywhere.


Analytics built-in

AnalyticsiTimeSheet is the first task management application to offer you analytics directly calculated from your iPhone. You can pick a time interval and get complete charts of your time spent for all your clients, a precise client or project in that interval.

You can also start focusing on all your clients and then by clicking on one client, you have a view on the statistics of all the projects for that one client. The same way, clicking on one project will give you the full chart of the tasks for that project.




Powerful searchPowerful Search

Need an information quickly ? Don’t know when it was ?

iTimeSheet offers a simple but so powerful search through all your contents :

  • Client name
  • Project name
  • Task name
  • Description

The events are displayed sorted by date with every information needed to pick your informations.



And even more …

Download iTimeSheet now and discover other great features.

Click here to view itimesheet in action!

Ok Back to Ants again now……..

There is a free version of the program if you want to ‘play before you buy’ but trust me you won’t regret buying the full version. The ability to export times is awesome, I even figured out a way, using some simple macros in excel, to get the times into my invoicing program

How often have you got to a Friday and gone, “shit what was I doing on Monday?” or you have forgotten how many hours you spent on a job? I work in the film industry and its great being able to quickly input my start and finish times daily and create a weekly report on those hours in secs! All sent via email in csv format!

So what are you waiting for…. click the link below and go get it!!



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