Copy and Paste! (but not quite perfect!)

iphone-guy24.jpgClippy-Copy And Paste

Where: Cydia Free for Jailbroken Phones

Well my friends,this is as close as you will get to copy and paste with the iphone so far!

It’s available in Cydia from the iSpazio source, search for clippy. It basically does what it says it will, however it is limited to apps both 3rd party(although strangely enough, not cydia!) and apps built in to the iphone that bring up the keyboard for input,only.


When the keyboard pops up you hit the number icon and a new menu appears above the keyboard with ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ in it. You then swipe over text you want to copy,say a url for instance, and hit copy. Then open any other app etc the allows text input like notes,email,sms and hit paste!

Ok, so I have typed some text into a new note and brought up the copy and paste menu by clicking the number icon. I then left swiped the text to highlight it.I then click copy.

…….clicked copy and the text appears in the little preview window next to ‘paste’…….

….opened itimesheet and clicked paste into notes area in new event…….

……opened email and pasted into subject header……….

…….and finally biteSms…….

So there you go! As I said in the title, its not quite perfect in that you can’t select text from anywhere that the keyboard isn’t present but its a pretty bloody good start! Well done to the team at the iSpazio source for their awesome work.

If anything it shows Apple that there is a way to implement copy and paste into a firmware update


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