appstoreAvailable at the Appstore for $2.59 NZ

Ok, hands up if you are interested in the weather forecast, skiing/snowboarding, boating,surfing, or fishing…

The other three of you might want to head off to another post for a minute cos this app won’t be for you.

The rest of you check out this cool app! It has the following included in it:

  • Weather forecasting for towns/cities in New Zealand via the Met Service
  • Surf reports via
  • Weather charts (isobars etc)
  • Marine Forecasts
  • Tides
  • Snow reports

Another cool aspect to Weathernz is that it is designed right here in New Zealand by the clever little monkeys over at (that’s ‘o’ for awesome!)

It is really well designed and hits all the marks very nicely,well worth the meger $2.59 NZ

A picture paints a thousand words and all that, so scroll down through the screen shots! One note though, the screen shots along with this post, were created in January so all the ski fields are closed. Which means the screen shot of the snow report doesn’t show much……………………

So what are you waiting for! Click the picture below and go get it………………………………………!



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