Nuevasync-Google Calendar & Contacts Sync-Over The Air


This is an awesome free service for those of you that want to sync both google contacts and calendar for free over the air,wirelessly!

If you make a change to either contacts or calendar on the iphone, this will be reflected on the google server and vice versa, anything you change on the google site will automatically updated on the phone…bloody handy eh?

You simply sign up for free at

Configuring the service is easy as two steps:

nuevasync1 (1) configure your settings i.e calendar and contacts on the nuevasync website.


(2) Set up you iphone

See detailed instructions below..

iPhone/iPod Touch Setup Instructions

Warning: this site is in beta use it with your data at your own risk. We advise testing with an emulator and test data.
WARNING: Apple devices WILL DELETE ALL YOUR EXISTING CONTACT OR CALENDAR DATA on the iPhone/iPod, when you configure sync.
This is a feature of the iPhone and is not under our control. Make sure you have made a backup with iTunes if you need your existing device data.

If you want to retain your existing contacts or events on your Apple device, you can upload your data to Google before configuring sync.
iTunes can sync contacts directly to Google. Calendar events can be synced using iTunes to a desktop calendar application
(iCal, Outlook or Entourage) and from there exported and uploaded to Google.

To configure your Apple iPhone� or iPod� touch to work with NuevaSync perform the following steps:

  • Before setting up your device, first configure your services on the NuevaSync site.
  • From the main menu screen open “Settings”.
  • Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”.
  • Select “Add Account”.
  • Choose “Microsoft Exchange”
  • Under “Email”, enter the e-mail address you used for NuevaSync registration.When you enter your e-mail address to sync, your device may warn you about a certificate being invalid. This is particularly likely if you use a GMail address. It isn’t referring to our certificate or our service, so don’t be concerned. It is part of Apple’s auto-configuration feature as it tries to guess the appropriate server name based on your info. Our SSL certificate is valid and secure.
  • Under “Username” enter your NuevaSync username.
  • Under “Password” enter your NuevaSync password.
  • Under “Description” you can leave the default or enter a description of your choosing.
  • Tap “Next”.
  • Your Apple device will display a message “Verifying Exchange account information” for a few moments.
  • When it has finished, it will display a new field, “Server”. Enter “” as the value.
  • Tap “Next”.
  • On the next page, turn off “Mail”. Also turn off any other category you do not wish to sync. For example, if you want to sync only your calendar, make sure “Mail” and “Contacts” are both turned off. If you want to sync contacts and calendar, all you should turn off is mail.
  • Tap “Done”.

For calendar users only:

  • On the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar” settings page, scroll to the very bottom.
  • Tap “Time Zone Support”.
  • Toggle “Time Zone Support” off. This will make sure that each calendar item is saved with the device’s complete time zone information.

If you have any issues, try troubleshooting.

I have been using this service for months………it rocks!!



4 Responses to Nuevasync-Google Calendar & Contacts Sync-Over The Air

  1. Doing some browsing and noticed your blog appears a bit messed up in my Safariinternet browser. But fortunately hardly anyone uses it any longer but you may want to look into it.

    • iphoneguynz says:

      Thanks Bud.

      Unfortunately all the formatting etc is handled by WordPress, so there ain’t alot I can do do with it.

      Thanks again for spotting it however.



  2. Apple says:

    I’m quite new to wordpress. but what you write in this post is really good and very informative. I think it will help me in the future. Thanks for the great work

    • iphoneguynz says:

      Cheers Mate,

      It’s nice to get positive feedback!

      I started the post because I had been recieving tons of emails and texts (and the occasional phone call) from friends and colleagues with iPhone related questions. Not sure when or how I became the local iPhone guru, but I really enjoy relaying the knowledge I recieve.

      It would be wonderful to do it for a living!!! Maybe one day!!

      Take care, and thanks again for your kind words.


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