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Where: Cydia Free for Jailbroken Phones


Version 3.0 allows you to reply to texts on your home screen without having to open the application which is really quick and handy.

This new version is now not free, but you get a 3 week trial and then a full lifetime licence will cost you approx 12 bucks NZ ($5.95US). Well worth it.
Continue reading for my review.

Well this is one of my favorite apps for the iphone! It absolutely blows the built in sms program from apple off the stage!

With bitesms you can forward texts, insert contacts,insert smileys and even your location!

And best of all you can type a text in landscape mode with the larger keyboard! Awesome!

You can choose to send using bitesms credits (more about that at the bottom of the post) or send by carrier e.g Vodafone.

Heres the blurb all about it from the team at

Installing for iPhone firmware 2.0 and higher

To install biteSMS, you need an iPhone with Cydia installed. Then, from the iPhone home page, you only need a few taps:

Tap “Cydia” to start it:


Tap the “Sections” button:


Scroll down to the “Messaging” section and tap it:


Tap “biteSMS”:


Tap the “Install” button:


And finally tap the “Confirm” button:


You now have biteSMS installed, and can start using it straight away as a fully featured SMS application.

Here’s some great SMS features only available in biteSMS.

Forward or Delete a Message

To forward or delete a message, right-swipe any conversation bubble and you’ll be presented the option to Forward or Delete:

Landscape Mode

Typing on a wide keyboard is so much easier! In landscape mode the text is bigger too.

Adding Contacts and Location

Right-swiping the text box brings up a menu. From the menu you can add a contact or your current location.

The location is added as a Google maps URL.

Character & Credit Counter

A character counter and credit counter are neatly combined into a single circular graphical indicator.

Typically each SMS message (and biteSMS credit) allows you to send 160 characters (unless you type a special character, switching the character set to Unicode, in which case you’ll only get 70 characters).

The character and credit counter make it very clear how many credits will be used and how many characters remain for the text being entered. So let’s look at how these work.

Before you start entering text, the circle is unfilled, meaning no text has been entered. As you start to type the circle begins to fill up in a clockwise direction. As you get closer to using all the available characters for a single SMS message a prompt appears and counts down, for example “20 left”.

Once all the available characters for an SMS have been exceeded, the SMS credit counter in the center of the circle becomes “2” and the circle moves around again filling up the second credit.

Here are a few screen shots to help show this.

No text entered:

Only 12 characters left in this SMS:

Onto the second SMS credit, and only a few characters used, so plenty left for more text!

Quickly Switch between Carrier and biteSMS

Hold down the Send button for a second (until it flashes) to quickly switch from sending via the Carrier to sending via biteSMS, and vice versa.

Proxy Support

A number of applications, for example TZones Proxy Hack (from Cydia), install mobile carrier specific proxy settings on your iPhone so you can surf the web, check emails, etc. These proxy settings are honored by biteSMS, so you can also send SMS texts via a proxy!

Hide Keyboard

When typing text in an SMS message you can tap in the bubble area and the keyboard will slide away, letting you read the conversation more easily

Cool! So what’s all this credit stuff all about I hear you ask…..

What are our rates?

We charge a flat rate per SMS message sent to any supported country in the world via the biteSMS network. The biteSMS application itself is free.

Our rates differ depending upon your preferred currency for payment. We reckon you’re in New Zealand, where the rate is only 10 Aussie cents per SMS.

How it works

Simply install the biteSMS application on your iPhone, and you’ll immediately be at home with all the great SMS features you’re used to and many more…

Great! It seems to work just like the native iPhone SMS application, very easy to use.

So, how do I send SMS messages cheaper? Well, simply buy credits from us; then each time you compose an SMS, choose to send it via the biteSMS network instead of your mobile carrier.

It’s that easy – there’s no signup process, and credits are sent via SMS directly

So what are you waiting for go get it!!-cheers Ants


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  1. David Alen says:

    Every one having the same problem regarding hiding or locking text messages on iPhones. Recently I downloaded a program from and it hides the iPhone SMS button and replaces it with a fake one that you can edit. Basically it doesn’t show all the girls I am talking to.

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