Iphone Firmware 3.0 Preview!!

Iphone Firmware 3.0 Preview!!

Firmware 3.0



Apple announced some pretty cool changes for  firmware 3.0  at a special event  18/03/09  New Zealand time, 17/03/09 Us Time.

It’s due out in the US summer June/July, so something to look forward to here in the winter!

The list is pretty long, but here are some highlights:

  • Turn by turn gps (third party from TomTom for instance)
  • Stereo Bluetooth and file transfer
  • MMS (pxt Messaging)
  • Landscape keyboard in ALL apps (including email!)
  • Forward messages and contacts in sms (basically what Bitesms has being doing for awhile)
  • Push Notifications!!!!!! This allows for live badge updates, pop up text and sounds from any app! (even when it’s closed) This is better than apps running in the background because it saves battery life.
  • COPY AND PASTE!!! and cut too! Double tap onto a bit of text and it automatically places a “CUT, COPY, PASTE” bubble above your current selection. Double tap to paste later. (shake to undo) Works everywhere, 3rd party apps, SMS, HTML in Safari.

Ok, the only bad news is that 1st gen phones won’t get MMS or Stereo Bluetooth! Bummer

I wonder if this means a new phone will be released this winter too…………………….stay tuned!

Ants Out!………………….

Scroll down for pictures and more below courtesy of  www.appleiphoneschool.com 

If you are really keen, you could watch all 1hr 27 mins of  the  event online…….

or download podcast of the event from here.

10:53 About an hour to go!

12:03 Event has begun, info should start flowing here shortly

12:03 iPhone Sales = 17 Million, with iPod Touches total = 30 Million (in 80 countries)

12:04 800,000 downloads, 50,000 joined paid SDK

12:06 They are talking about the guy who made Trism. Hey, we know him!!!

12:08 25,000 apps in the App Store, 96% of apps submitted are approved, 98% of those have been approved in 7 days or less

12:10 1000 new APIs for SDK

12:13 3.0 software is a major update to all iPhones and iPod Touches

12:14 New feature called In App Purchase that allows developers to sell eBooks, Subscriptions, more levels, etc from inside the app (this is a great way to do demos, just release the game free with one level and make users pay for the rest.

12:17 New feature called Peer to Peer connectivity via bluetooth (not just for games)

12:19 Developers can now make software for their accessories that allow control from the iPhone or iPod Touch. Accessories can talk to the phone over the dock connector AND over Bluetooth

12:22 Use of Google Maps inside of apps

12:24 Google Maps Turn by Turn!!!! (developers have to use your own map for this, this is not part of the maps app) Turn by turn will work on the iPhone from someone like TomTom, can’t use Google maps though, licensing issue, so bring your own maps.

12:25 Push Notifications!!!!!! This allows for live badge updates, pop up text and sounds from any app! (even when it’s closed) This is better than apps running in the background because it saves battery life. Only one connections stays running to Apple’s servers, and those servers interact with the app’s developer server saving the iPhone performance and power.

12:32 Meebo will be a native app with notifications! It’s a multi-account IM service.

12:35 Sim 3 Coming to the iPhone, starts at $0.99. Playing music from the stereo in the game lets you play music back from YOUR music library.

12:39 Oracle also coming to the iPhone. Quote from Gizmodo: “Bore-acle, I mean, Oracle guys are talking about their app that tracks supply line and blah blah chain blah blah company stuff.” LOL

12:41 ESPN score updates via push notifications & sound effect (thing your iPhone is blowing up now with texting & Twitter?)

12:44 New video streaming feature adapts quality based on your connection. (scaling video)

12:46 Johnson & Johnson Glucose monitoring connects via bluetooth to device (or via cable). Also tracks food & exercise.

12:52 ngmoco (Rolando Developer) announces two games: Touch Pets, a social pet simulator & LiveFire, a multiplayer first person shooter over 3G or Wi-Fi & in game chat.

12:57 Side Note: this feature of being able to buy more in games (more guns in a first person shooter or shirts for my fake pet dog) is going to make Apple a lot of money and possible make games suck. Developers will nickel and dime you to death with upgrades. :(

1:00 Smule has a new multiplayer app called Leaf Trombone (World Stage).

1:04 COPY AND PASTE!!! and cut too! Double tap onto a bit of text and it automatically places a “CUT, COPY, PASTE” bubble above your current selection. Double tap to paste later. (shake to undo) Works everywhere, 3rd party apps, SMS, HTML in Safari.
copypaste1 copypaste1

1:05 100 other new features.

1:11 You can send more than one photo at a time via email via copy and paste.

1:13 landscape in “all key applications” including Mail

1:14 Text is now called Messages, you can forward and deleted messages individually.

1:15 MMS (Picture Messaging)

1:17 Voice Memos. Send via email or SMS, edit on iPhone,

1:18 Messages can send a lot, seems locations, contacts, etc.

1:19 Adding CalDAV support

1:20 Spotlight! Search Anywhere!!! iPod, calendar, email, notes. Swipe left from your 1st home screen to access. Searches for apps and can be used as quicklaunch.

1:25 More: Notes Sync, audio/video tags, live streaming, shake to shuffle, Wi-Fi auto login, Stereo Bluetooth, LDAP, iTunes account creation, YouTube ratings, Anti-Philshing, Call Log, Parental Controls, Media Scrubber, OTA profiles, VPN on demand, Languages, YouTube subscriptions, YouTube accounts and Encrypted profiles. Also, auto-fills.

1:28 Developer Beta available TODAY

1:30 iPhone free update this summer, iPod Touch $9.99, Old iPhone doesn’t get MMS or Stereo Bluetooth

1:31 Q&A time…

1:34 Q: Why did copy paste take so long? A: Scott: It’s not that easy. There were security issues.

1:35 Q: Flash? What are you doing? A: We have no announcements on that topic today. But there are a lot of video streams we can handle. h.264 works great. We’re adding HDTV streaming for audio and video. We think there’s a lot of great video solutions for a single clip.

1:37 Q: Could you qualify a bit more about the peer to peer. It looks like it’s available across the two iPhones, but it seems like you can do peer to peer with other Bluetooth devices. A: It’s really a device to device Bluetooth connection. It’s 1 to 1, using Bluetooth and Bonjour to discover other devices and make an IP connection.

1:39 Q: So you can control devices…? A: Yes, now you can, with third-party applications, control and talk to accessories over Bluetooth.

1:40 Q: Are people able to trade files, say music files, through iPods with this? A: We have the ability to stream music to music apps, and certainly a game, if a game has music in the game it would be possible to download game tracks, but if would be confusing for other music apps with downloadable music that isn’t through the app store.

1:40 Q: Where do you stand on tethering? A: Scott (explains tethering): We’re supporting tethering in the client side, we’re building that support in. We’re working with our carriers around the world. We are building that support in.

1:42 Q: Will you make any promises about push notification in terms of uptime? A: No. We want it to be as reliable as possible.

1:42 Q: On the voice memo, you mentioned external microphones. Could you use an off-the-shelf microphone? A: Yes absolutely, if you have an adapter.

1:44 Q: Bluetooth human input device profile for external keyboards. A: We have nothing to announce.

Q: Can you say anything about hardware? A: No.

Q: Netbooks? A: Nothing to announce today.

1:45 Q: Are you addressing some of the performance issues in the current OS? It’s slightly laggy, are you going to address that in 3.0. A: We absolutely take performance very seriously. These units, because they’re tethered, are more laggy than you would see on standalone units. But we are addressing lagginess in our own ways.

1:46 Q: With Peer to Peer, can you have access to other iTunes library? A: You can see them but I don’t know if you can play them.

Q: Is there a physical hardware problem on the first-gen iPhone that prevents it from doing MMS. A: It’s a different radio, so it is a physical issue.

1:47 Q: Do you have any comments on your app acceptance scheme? A: We want to help developers to be very successful. We also want a store where customers feel great about the quality of what they get, so the numbers speak for themselves.

Looks like that’s it! We’ll go into detail more later on our site of each of these features.

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