Flight Control

Flight Control

appstoreAvailable at the Appstore for $1.29 Nz


Ok, I admit I’m not a huge iPhone game fan, but this game is bloody cool !

From the minute it boots, you are presented with beautiful fifty’s influenced graphics. The game itself is remarkably simple yet truly addictive.

All you have to do is select an incoming aircraft with you finger and draw a flight path to it’s appointed runway. Red jet aircraft land on the main runway, smaller yellow private aircraft land on the smaller runway and helicopters land on the helipad.

The objective is to land as many aircraft as possible with out colliding! Sounds simple, but wait till you get 5 or more aircraft all trying to land at the same time! Things get real interesting real fast!

The thing I like about this game is the ease of use. It is a great example of how cool the iPhone/iPod touch is as a gaming platform.

I give this app 10 out of 10!

Check out the photos below, then click on the ‘appstore’ logo and download it!


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