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This app is a very handy app for those of you that have a Windows PC and you either watch or listen to stored movies/music/photos on it or via another monitor such as your living room television.

I use the latter. I have my PC in the office and my television in the living room. This is where MPCRemote comes in!

In a nutshell the app works by connecting to the PC via the wireless network and controls ‘media player classic’, which is a free media player for windows available from here:

Media Player Classic Download

You can browse through your windows file directory, similar to windows explorer and select files to play. You can then play, pause, fast forward, rewind, go full screen etc. Choice eh?!!

Read the following taken from the web designer’s website:

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into more than just a regular remote controller!
Are you tired of all the complex PC remote controllers out there on App Store just to control all the aspects of your media playback? Try MPCRemote and get comfortable in your sofa thanks to the quick, lightweight but powerful Media Player Classic (MPC) and its integrated web interface.

– Easy and user-friendly interface.
– Supports remote control of any regular Audio Files, Video Files and DVD as well.
– Browse your PC hard drives for a Video or Audio Files directly from your iPhone!
– Take a snapshot of your favorite actor or scene and save it to the camera roll.
– See a basic media information on your device like Media name, actual position, total length and current player status.
– No installation of service application on your PC is needed!
– Connection is not stuck with WiFi! You can control MPC even using your 3G/EDGE/GPRS cellular network (Securing MPC on your router or firewall is recommended in this case).
– Media Player Classic runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 or a Mac machine with virtualized Windows system.

– Download free “Media Player Classic” or “Media Player Classic Homecinema” and run it.
– Go to the “View – Options” menu.
– In the “Player – Web interface” tab check “Listen on port” and select your desired port (Default 13579)
– Uncheck “Enable compression” and “Allow access from localhost only”. Click “OK”.
– Run MPCRemote on your device and connect to your PC hostname or IP address and Port number .

Supported Media Players:
– Media Player Classic (v6.4.9.1 at least)
– Media Player Classic Homecinema (v1.2.908.0 at least)

Enjoy your new remotely controlled home cinema.


Click the Appstore logo to download now!


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