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The other day I took a whole lot of photos with my iphone of a hail storm that hit where I live.

I wanted to send them as an email using my iphone. But as you may or may not know, you can only attach one photo at a time to an email……bloody frustrating eh?!

Well that’s where ‘Photos2mail’ comes in!

You can send multiple photos in one email!

This app is awesome and does what it says, although I recommend rebooting your phone (turn off completely, then on again) before running it.

Read the following taken from the ‘Photos2mail’ designer’s website for more:

* Send multiple photos in one email

* Resize each photos

* Choose between JPG and PNG format

* Adjust compression levels for JPG format

* Edit photo names before sending

* Customize the subject line and main content of your email

Photos2Mail lets you email multiple pictures with a number of useful features on your iPhone. You can use this tool to share, backup or organize the pictures on your iPhone with a few easy clicks.

On the main screen, click on the “+” sign on the bottom to add photos from your albums. Selected photos will appear on the main screen for your review and edition. Repeat until you’ve selected all the photos you wish to email. When you are ready, click on the envelope button on the top right corner to compose email.

You need to set up the SMTP Server Settings when you use Photos2Mail for the first time. You can edit your message, and choose the format of the photos before sending. Note that for JPG format, you can choose the compression level to reduce the size of your email. Email addresses can be manually inputted or imported from your Contacts by clicking on the blue arrow button. After completing these steps, click on “Send” on the top right corner. A status report will appear while Photos2Mail is sending the message.


Click the appstore logo below to download now!


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