Telecom’s Xt network to get iphone? Maybe…

Telecom’s Xt network to get iphone? Maybe…

Telecom is close to unleashing their new 3g ‘XT’ network to kiwis next week. 

I thought a major coup for telecom would be launching with the new iphone,  but the timing just aint right, the third Gen phone is due to be annouced next month (June).But according to The New Zealand Herald, we may just see the Telecom carrier symbol in the top left corner of the new iphone…….

Telecom is in negotiations to sell Apple’s iPhone, says the telco’s retail boss Alan Gourdie.

It announced the handset and plan line-up for its new high-speed 3G ‘XT’ network this morning, and Gourdie admitted that the iPhone may be in the pipeline for Telecom customers.

“We don’t have the iPhone at launch,” he said, “but we are in deep discussion with Apple.”

Ok let the games begin! Vodafone vs Telecom-who’s going to give us the best data/call /text plan boys!





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