New 32gb 3G s iphone with video announced

New 32gb 3G s iphone with video is announced




Well all the speculation is over! It’s official there is a new generation iphone on offer!

It has been annouced today at the World Wide Developers Conference in the states. It now comes in three flavours 8g,16g and the new beasty 32gb!! We should see them available in New Zealand in August.











The biggest addition to the hardware besides its storage is the addition of a 3.0 megapixel ,auto  focusing, auto white balancing, camera which now does 30fps video! Woohooo!










All three will be running the new 3.0 software, which has cool new features like voice control, digital compass, landscape keyboard, and the most super cool of all, the ability to run an awesome new app ……… TOMTOM TURN BY TURN MAPPING SOFTWARE!!! YEEEEHAAA!!






















See more about TomTom for iphone here!




There is a lot more to see and blog about, but to save my fingers from all that typing, click the link below to visit the Engadget’s live (was at the time) blog from the WWDC event.

Or better still, watch the 3 min WWDC highlight package below.

You can watch the iphone 3g s demo from apple here.

Ants out!!



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