Ants the iphone-less-guy!


Thanks to my beautiful wife’s cunning plan to ‘facebook’ my friends and family, I recieved a brand new 32gb 3gs for my birthday!!! Woohoo! So I am now back in the game…… Thanks again to all of you who contributed to it… You know who you are!

Ants the iphone-less-guy!

I though I would post on how I managed to fry my first gen iphone and warn you not to do the same!

Long story short, I accidentally got water in the dock connector. I picked it up and it still worked fine. I held it in front of a warm vent in the car for about half an hour, and thought it must be dry by now! Wrong!!!! I plugged it in to charge and….white screen of death…burny smell and that was it.. one fried phone! So if you get yours wet and it is still working TURN IT OFF AND LET IT DRY FOR A LONG TIME! I recommend a hot water cupboard or similar for at least 12 hrs. Another trick is to chuck it in a shoebox full of those little silica bags you get when buying electronics etc.

So now I have an iphone blog but no iphone hehehe!

Vodafone phone insurance wouldn’t cover it because the phone was bought from the states back in 2007, I am saving (probably for a while!) for a 32gb 3gs mmmmmm yumyum!

Till I have one in my hot little hand, I won’t be able to give you any up to date app reviews or explore in detail the ins and outs of the 3.0/3.1 software updates. But I do my best to keep posting on any iphone news.

Because the phone was toast, I decided to pull it apart and see how it ticks!! Here’s a photo of me ole mate in pieces!


Ohh and if there are any rich people out there that want to buy me a 32gb phone so I can keep reviewing, please comment below …….I can see the ‘TUI’ billboard on that idea!! hehehe


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