TomTom App Update v1.2 Released

TomTom has released it’s latest update for the iPhone which includes street name pronuctiation for the UK, USA and Australia.

Unfortunately this new update does not include street name pronuctiation for New Zealand ……yet. This may be because some of the more tricky Moari street names may be a challenge to pronouce!

The maps have been updated to include the latest changes to roading. One example I found that was missing from the last version but is there now, is the new SH20 motorway extension from Mt Roskill to the airport in Auckland.

The update also has a nifty new iPod controller built into the app plus a feature familiar to Tomtom hardware owners, ‘Help Me’ , which gives the user the ability to give the ‘AA’ etc, detailed explanation of where they are. As well as where the closest hospital , police station or other emercency service is. See the photos below for more.

The update is free for existing app owners, but still NZ$119.99 to new buyers.

The application requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later to install and run.


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