image467632930.jpgWant to find out what time and where movies are playing in a cinema near you here in New Zealand? Well flicks is for you!!

Select a movie from the ‘Top 10’ or ‘Now playing’ options, and you can then choose a theatre near you or within a radius in km’s near you.

Click on the ‘Trailer’ button to watch trailers and/or read local and international reviews of movies under the ‘Review’ section.

This app is similar to Now Playing which I posted on earlier this year. They are both very similar in use, but I reckon ‘flicks’ has a much slicker user interface.You can’t email session times to your mates,which is possible in the ‘Now Playing’ app, but that may change in future updates.

This is a really nice little kiwi made app and best of all it’s free!!

Check out the screenshots below.

Download it from the AppStore now!


2 Responses to flicks

  1. BIG BROTHER says:

    Underbart sidor Dude, fast jag älskar mina sony ericsson som kan göra allt och lite till 😉
    Hoppas allt e bra med dig..


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