iPhone firmware 4.0 to be announced this week!

Wonder what’s next??

The following is taken from: iphonealley

Apple has begun sending out invitations to members of the press, inviting them to attend a preview of iPhone OS 4.0. The event is set to go down in just three days, on April 8th at 10AM Pacific(5am Friday 9th NZ time) in Apple’s Town Hall at their HQ in Cupertino.
Based on rumors from the past few months, iPhone OS 4.0 will likely include some form of multitasking, which the iPhone OS has been lacking for third-party applications. We’ve also heard rumors of big user interface changes, more multi-touch gestures, and a universal inbox.
You can check out an image of the invite below!

In the past, Apple has held iPhone OS preview events in March and used the time to show developers what they can look forward to in the next OS. New user-centric features are also revealed and this time we expect to see some stuff for the iPad in addition to the iPhone. Following the event, Apple has traditionally seeded several pre-release versions of the new SDK and iPhone OS to developers for testing. At some point, most likely in June, Apple will hold their Worldwide Developers Conference where they’ll have developers demo their new iPhone OS 4.0 based applications. It’s also likely that they’ll unveil the next iPhone at the event, which will then be available sometime later that month along with the 4.0 update.
[via Gizmodo]

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