4th Generation iphone Coming In June?

Once again the Internet is awash with new iPhone rumours, but if you are to believe the post below from iPhone Alley, then we may be expecting an annoucement from Apple around June 22nd. Also, checkout the photos at the bottom of the post. Apparently this prototype iPhone from the Apple lab was found on the floor of a San Jose bar!!!??? Sounds pretty fishy to me unless it was purposely left there to start some buzz, which it seems to be doing! The photos show what could be a uni-body aluminium case similar to the MacBook pro……. Nice, real nice!………….

With the iPad launch out of the way, the internet can now return to its normal springtime routine of reading the tea leaves to learn more about the upcoming iPhone refresh. The latest development is from Boy Genius, who reports that several AT&T sources say that the company is denying any employee requests for vacation time in the month of June.
This same indicator has proven successful in the past; both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS launches were preceded by similar reports. While many have speculated with confidence that a new iPhone was imminent, the exact release date is still a mystery. The iPhone 3G was released to the public on July 11th, the 3GS on June 19th. The iPhone 4th Generation looks to be headed for a June release like its predecessor.
[Via Boy Genuis]

Photos below courtesy of: iPhoneHacks and Apple iphone School

Checkout Gizmodo’s YouTube video showing the new iPhone here!

UPDATE!! looks like this is an Apple product!! Checkout this letter sent to Gizmodo from Apple’s Vice president….


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