Did Apple know about the iphone 4 Antenna problem before its release?

The plot thickens……

According to the following taken from the very cool iphone hacks.com, it appears that Apple and more importantly, Steve Jobs, may have known that there were problems with the iphone 4 antenna before it shipped. We have seen problems like this before with products being shipped before they are ready…Windows Vista definitely comes to mind!! Read on…………………

Apple has called a special iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow to most probably talk about widely publicized iPhone 4’s reception problem that has snowballed into a PR nightmare.

Bloomberg is reporting that according to their source, Apple’s Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and antenna expert had raised his concerns about iPhone 4’s new antenna system to Steve Jobs.

Bloomberg reports:

Last year, Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and antenna expert, informed Apple’s management the device’s design may cause reception problems, said the person, who is not authorized to speak on Apple’s behalf and asked not to be identified.

According to Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Jobs liked the design so much that Apple went ahead with its development.

According to Bloomberg, one of Apple’s carrier partners had also raised concerns about iPhone 4’s new antenna system before it was launched:

A carrier partner also raised concerns about the antenna before the device’s June 24 release, according to another person familiar with the situation.

Apple spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal:

“We challenge Bloomberg BusinessWeek to produce anything beyond rumors to back this up. It’s simply not true.”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is not planning to recall iPhone 4 at tomorrow’s press conference:

Apple’s iPhone 4 has been dogged by reports of antenna-reception problems since its launch last month. The company has called a news conference to discuss the issue Friday. Apple doesn’t plan to recall the phone, a person familar with the matter said.

So that means Apple could either simply explain the problem, blame everything on AT&T poor network, give away free bumper cases to iPhone 4 users or give users who are facing the problem an option to replace their iPhone 4’s with a new version that comes with the design fix.

Interestingly, John Gruber of Daring Fireball who has a good track record with Apple predictions believes its something else:

but I now have a hunch it’s going to be more — maybe a lot more — than just a defense of the iPhone 4 antenna. Sounds crazy, I know, but I think something big, or at least biggish, is going down tomorrow.

Maybe this iPhone 4 reception saga will finally force Apple to end AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity in the US. The reason: I still can’t get over the fact that Apple were using the wrong formula to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong since the original iPhone. I’m sure Apple would have consulted AT&T when they started using it in the original iPhone. It’s also not clear why AT&T recently updated their recommended formula for calculating how many bars to display for a given signal strength (based on Apple’s open letter to iPhone 4 users). Something doesn’t seem right.

We’ll find out what Apple has to say about the situation in less than 24 hours and what it plans to do to address it.


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