iphone 4 to hit New Zealand Shores July 30th!

Good news for all you New Zealanders  wanting to update to a new iphone 4, Apple has annouced its NZ launch date as July 30th, 2010.

Steve Jobs announced the date at a special press conference at Apples Cupertino headquarters yesterday.

Also annouced was a free ‘bumper’ case for all new iphone 4 owners, to help avoid the signal drop out problem caused by the new antenna design. Some uses have experienced signal loss whilst holding the phone with their hand bridging the antenna on both sides of the phone. Follow this link to a youtube clip posted by Apple iphone School for more on this.

Another annoucement from Jobsy, is that the white iphone 4 will also become available towards the end of July.

Read more here taken from iphone hacks………..

Apple announced at today’s special iPhone 4 conference that it will offer a free iPhone case to all its iPhone 4 customers to address the antenna problem, which it believes also affects other smartphones.

Steve Jobs also made announcements for users who are eagerly waiting for the white iPhone 4 and also users waiting to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone in 18 new countries.

White iPhone 4 Availability:

Apple had announced late last month thatthe new white iPhone 4 will be available only in the second half of July as they’re more challenging to manufacture than expected.

Steve Jobs announced today that the white iPhone 4 will be available in limited quantities at the end of this month:

A lot of people waiting for the white iPhone. We’re going to start shipping it at the end of this month. And our quantities will be limited at first – we’re ramping up as fast as we can. The white iPhones will start shipping at the end of July.

iPhone 4 Coming to 17 New Countries:

Apple has also announced that it will be launching iPhone 4 in 17 new countries on July 30th such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland:

On July 30th, we are going to bring the iPhone to 17 more countries, and these are the same 17 we talked about before with the omission of just South Korea because it’s going to take just a little bit longer to get government approval there.

Likely iPhone 4 signal reception fix

3 million iPhone 4s in 3 weeks:

Despite the iPhone 4 reception saga, Apple has sold 3 million iPhones in 3 weeks.

The iPhone 4 is perhaps the best product we’ve ever made at Apple, and we have sold well over three million since we launched it three weeks ago. Just three weeks ago.

In addition to these announcements and free cases for iPhone 4customers, Steve Jobs also revealed that they’re looking into problems with the proximity sensor and expect to fix the issue in the next iPhone software update.


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