This is my first attempt at app development….its called Cha-Ching! And this is what it’s all about…………

Do you want to know how much cash you have made in the last hour, minute or even seconds?

Then Cha-Ching is for you!

Simply enter your Hourly Rate, push start and watch your cash grow!

You can even deduct tax to see how much the tax man is taking!

So if you are an independent contractor or get paid by the hour, then Cha-Ching is for you!

Cha-Ching!….. The app that shows you the money!

•New Features in Version 4.1

-Bug Fixes

•New Features in Version 4.0

You asked for it, you got it!

Cha-Ching! will now calculate overtime rates!

This is just one of the great new features of the app, which has been completely over-hauled.

What’s New in Cha-Ching! 4.0?

-New icon and logo

-Ability to add both time and a half (T1.5) and double time (T2) rates to be calculated. Cha-Ching! will let you you know when you are in overtime by the familiar Cha-Ching sound and by a text colour change. Green for T1.5 and blue for T2. You can select when these rates ‘kick in’.

-Add a lunch break , which can be deducted from your total day’s earnings.

-Select a start time. Cha-Ching! will calculate the hours between your selected start time and the current time. This means you can close the app, and when you reopen it, you will really see how much cash you’ve made since the start time!!

-Hide Rates. If you want to show off the app without giving away your hourly rate, then you can simply select to have the rate(s) hidden. (Please note your calculations are not hidden however, so a math expert may be able to work out you rate!)

Multi-tasking is not required for Cha-Ching! to remember its state after exiting the app. When you re-open the app, Cha-Ching will calculate the difference between the set start time and the current time. This means it will work on all iphone/ipod touch models!

3.1.2 Minimum firmware required.

One last note, if your device goes into ‘sleep’ mode while Cha-Ching! is running, you will need to exit and reopen the app to get accurate calculations.

Here is what people are saying about Cha-Ching!


by Nigel Maclaurin

Fantastic App. Great for film techos especially when they buy you lunch and pay to eat it.

eat it.

by Heretic.chris

Awesome app!! Makes the whole day zing, especially towards the end!!

Perfect film tech app to inspire you at work!!

by RoopdaloopThis clever little app brilliantly keeps you up to date literally Second by second as to how much you are earning while on the job..tweakable for different start times,tax rates,lunch,and more.
Live $ ticking up at a glance!
Made me feel better while being at work straight away..especially when I hear the Cha-Ching alert for overtime hehe ..well done to the creator ! A+++

Get it Now!!


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