Skype For iOS Now With Video Calling!!

Back in 1982 , I dreamed of what life would be like in 2010. Surely I would have my very own flying car, robots would serve me dinner and I would be able to make a video call to a friend on a mobile handheld device………well those first two still seem a long way off, but today I experienced my third dream…video calling on my iphone……….OK! OK! that technology has been around for years jeeezz man don’t burst my bubble just yet!

When Apple launched the iphone 4 in June with the new front facing camera, I must admit my first thought was Skype would be awesome on this, but then came the announcement that you could only use the camera with Apple’s own ‘Face Time’ with other iphone 4 users on a wifi network……..nah that aint flash! (little adobe pun there!)

Not long after came the ability for mac user’s to call iphone 4 users using ichat with video……not bad..but still not that mobile…….then right as 2010 comes to a close, comes Skype video calling for the iphone 4, 3gs and the 4th generation ipod touch. Again, I know video calling on a mobile devices is nothing new, but today was my first experience with the technology and I was most impressed!

I called my wife while out walking, on the Vodafone 3g network here in New Zealand. She was at home on the mac via the Telecom broadband wifi network. The sound quality was excellent, the video great but not seemless. I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect considering the 3G network is not always the greatest. I don’t have the iphone 4 so no front facing call for me. I have a 3gs so people will see what my back camera sees. That’s cool for me for now, its a great way to show off to someone what you are seeing! That image is shown as a small square on the bottom left of the main screen overlaid over the image of the person you are calling so you can check your aim!

I really do recommend upgrading if you have Skype on your phone or downloading it….it’s pretty darn cool!!

Click the appstore logo to get it now! Best of all….it’s free $ !!

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