NZ Film Invoice Is Here!!!

December 25, 2010

Hi guys,

Well I haven't posted for ages basically because most of my free time has been taken up working on my latest app 'NZ Film Invoice' and now its finally finished and available on the app store!

I'm hoping now to get back into regular posting, so stay tuned……….in the mean time read all about the app………..

*******Introductory Offer!!! $9.99 33% off till end of January 2011*******

NZ Film Invoice© is a New Zealand Film Industry* invoice/timesheet application for the iphone/ipad/ipod touch designed and progammed by Ants Farrell.

It is designed with the user in mind, to produce an accurate invoice and/or timesheet for New Zealand Film and Television contractors*.

A variety of different forms are presented to the user, allowing input of a contractor's department and position, client details, contractor(s) details, contracted week, daily rates etc.

NZ Film Invoice© will allow for unique industry allowances such as broken turnaround, loading rates, specific overtime rates, half day rates, per diems and relevant tax rates etc.Users can also add a 'box rental' or ONE item such as a vehicle hire to their invoice.

What’s really cool is that you can produce a PDF of your invoice/timesheet right from your device! The PDF can then be attached to a pre-formatted email for sending to production.

Just enter your start, and finish times and NZ Film Invoice© will take care of the rest including all those sometimes tricky rate and overtime calculations.You can even send those times daily via email to whoever collects times for the Daily Production Report (DPR).

After users have entered client and contractor details etc for the first time, all details will be saved allowing the user to merely enter new dates & times when a new invoice or timesheet is generated.

You can keep times for up to six contractors(one could be saved as e.g'Generic' if you have more than six members in your department and their times are similar) , which means if you have been burdened with the job of filling out your department's timesheets every week, things just got alot easier! Click on the contractor, fill out the hours( hours for each contractor can be individually edited if required) and save to a PDF which can be emailed straight from your device! No more crossed out, messy and sometimes coffee stained timesheets sent to payroll!


NZ Film Invoice is available from the Apple appstore for a 30% discounted opening price of $9.99 till the end of January 2011. $15 from the 1st of February.

Click the appstore link below to go and get it now!




Check out the walk through demo video below…………




September 22, 2010

This is my first attempt at app development….its called Cha-Ching! And this is what it’s all about…………

Do you want to know how much cash you have made in the last hour, minute or even seconds?

Then Cha-Ching is for you!

Simply enter your Hourly Rate, push start and watch your cash grow!

You can even deduct tax to see how much the tax man is taking!

So if you are an independent contractor or get paid by the hour, then Cha-Ching is for you!

Cha-Ching!….. The app that shows you the money!

•New Features in Version 4.1

-Bug Fixes

•New Features in Version 4.0

You asked for it, you got it!

Cha-Ching! will now calculate overtime rates!

This is just one of the great new features of the app, which has been completely over-hauled.

What’s New in Cha-Ching! 4.0?

-New icon and logo

-Ability to add both time and a half (T1.5) and double time (T2) rates to be calculated. Cha-Ching! will let you you know when you are in overtime by the familiar Cha-Ching sound and by a text colour change. Green for T1.5 and blue for T2. You can select when these rates ‘kick in’.

-Add a lunch break , which can be deducted from your total day’s earnings.

-Select a start time. Cha-Ching! will calculate the hours between your selected start time and the current time. This means you can close the app, and when you reopen it, you will really see how much cash you’ve made since the start time!!

-Hide Rates. If you want to show off the app without giving away your hourly rate, then you can simply select to have the rate(s) hidden. (Please note your calculations are not hidden however, so a math expert may be able to work out you rate!)

Multi-tasking is not required for Cha-Ching! to remember its state after exiting the app. When you re-open the app, Cha-Ching will calculate the difference between the set start time and the current time. This means it will work on all iphone/ipod touch models!

3.1.2 Minimum firmware required.

One last note, if your device goes into ‘sleep’ mode while Cha-Ching! is running, you will need to exit and reopen the app to get accurate calculations.

Here is what people are saying about Cha-Ching!


by Nigel Maclaurin

Fantastic App. Great for film techos especially when they buy you lunch and pay to eat it.

eat it.

by Heretic.chris

Awesome app!! Makes the whole day zing, especially towards the end!!

Perfect film tech app to inspire you at work!!

by RoopdaloopThis clever little app brilliantly keeps you up to date literally Second by second as to how much you are earning while on the job..tweakable for different start times,tax rates,lunch,and more.
Live $ ticking up at a glance!
Made me feel better while being at work straight away..especially when I hear the Cha-Ching alert for overtime hehe ..well done to the creator ! A+++

Get it Now!!

TuneIn Radio-Just Awesome!

September 11, 2010

Just as the post heading says, TuneIn Radio is just awesome!

The app is designed to stream radio stations and podcasts from all over the world, but what makes it stand out for me is the ability to live pause , rewind (Yes rewind!!) and record the streams for future listening pleasure!

Think of those times that you have been listening to the radio and thought , what did he or she say, too late you missed it, but not now! You can rewind in 10 sec increments and catch up on what you missed.

The user interface is nicely designed and easy to use.

The app works over wifi and 3G which is cool.

So that’s why TuneIn Radio is my App of the year…….so far!!

Read more taken the developer’s site: Synsion Radio Technologies

Listen to and record over 40,000 radio stations including thousands of AM/FM local stations on your iPhone or iPod touch with TuneIn Radio!

We’ve partnered with RadioTime to give you access to the best internet radio directory available including music, talk, sports and news stations from all over the world. With RadioTime, you get more than just a list of stations. You get a radio guide that helps you find the shows and stations that matter to you.

Plus, with TuneIn Radio, you can pause and rewind live radio just like your DVR.

Notice: This software uses code of FFmpeg and LibMMS licensed under theLGPLv2.1 and their source can be downloaded here.

Available Stations: Search for supported stations on the Available Stationspage.


  • NEW for iOS 4 – Play all stations, podcasts and recordings in the background on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 3rd Gen iPod touch (32/64 GB)
  • NEW for iOS 4 – Control audio playback with the built-in music controls, Apple headphone controls and most dock controls
  • Record any station for playback later (on demand or with record timer)
  • Alarm Clock
  • RadioTime directory featuring 40,000+ radio stations
  • Simple, quick, and easy-to-use interface
  • Browse local stations with GPS or WiFi location
  • Search for stations by keyword
  • Pause live streams for up to 30 minutes
  • Rewind and fast forward within last 30 minutes streamed (skip directly to the beginning of songs when listening to stations with song information)
  • Listen to podcasts of radio shows when available
  • Bookmark your favorite stations, categories or shows
  • Play MP3 and AAC stations in the background in Safari on non-multitasking capable devices
  • Web browser – Surf the web while listening to your favorite streams
  • Sleep timer
  • Search for stations playing your favorite song or artist (only select US stations currently supported)
  • Access to you presets
  • Join your RadioTime account with TuneIn Radio – this merges your RadioTime presets and TuneIn Radio bookmarks
  • Bookmarks list displays current song or show for each station when available
  • Skip back 10 second button
  • Album art displayed when available
  • Show or station logo displayed when available
  • Current song or show information displayed when available
  • Time remaining displayed for shows when available
  • Browse recently played stations
  • Automatic restart of last playing station on startup
  • Automatic reconnect on loss of connection
  • Progress bar shows player position in 30 minute buffer
  • Tap album art, show or station logo to display additional show or station information when available
  • Tap Options on Now Playing view for additional listening options:
    View station schedules when available
    Report problems with streams
    Choose an alternate stream or bit rate when available
    View related and recommended streams, shows and genres
  • Tap button below the currently playing song information for additional options:
    Listen to artist station in app
    Buy currently playing song on iTunes
  • Enter custom stream URLs
  • Configure auto-restart and buffer before playing in the Settings application under RadioIn
  • Supported stream formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, Real, Ogg Vorbis, FLV
  • Supported stream protocols: HTTP, RTSP, MMSH, RTMP
  • Supported playlist formats: M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM, SMIL

Air Video- Watch movies from you computer on your iphone!

March 19, 2010

Gudday all!

Sorry for the loooooong gaps between posts, but work commitments have kept me busy.

This post is all about ‘Air Video’ which allows you to stream movies from your computer to your iphone.

And guess what, you can even watch AVI’s and MPG movies as it converts them to Apple’s MP4 format on the fly!

There is a free version which limits how many movies you can access off your drive, and an unlimited version for just $4.19 NZ .

It’s dead simple to use and bloody cool!

Read more taken from

Enjoy your entire video collection everywhere! *

Is your iPhone/iPod touch full and yet it contains only a fraction of your video library? Are your videos in format unsupported by iPhone/iPod touch? Think of all those AVI, DivX, MKV and other files in your collection that would take weeks to convert just to be playable on iPhone.

Air Video is the ultimate solution for these problems.

★ Video Streaming ★

Instead of having to synchronize your videos to device you can now watch them over air. Suddenly the capacity of your iPhone/iPod touch is infinite and the nuisance of iTunes is gone.

★ Live Conversion ★

iPhone and iPod touch are very picky about the video formats they can play. Normally this means you need to convert the entire video before you can watch it. This can easily take an hour!

With Air Video this is no longer an issue. Air Video supports almost all video formats and performs the conversion *on fly*. That means you don’t have to wait until the file gets converted any more. You can start watching it almost immediately.

★ ★ ★

Air Video comes packed with features. It can share folders on your harddrive as well as iTunes playlists. It supports live conversion as well as offline conversion where the entire file is converted upfront. It lets you customize the conversion settings, adjust resolution, zoom and crop the video. And you can have unlimited set of user defined conversion profiles.

* Compared to full version Air Video Free limits the number of displayed items in each folder.

* Air Video works over local network and over internet (including 3G). However to enjoy streaming over internet your router must support UPnP or NAT-PMP protocols so that Air Video can setup the port forwarding for you.

* Air Video will not play DRM protected videos.

* Live Conversion requires firmware 3.0.

The free server software (for both Mac OS X and Windows) needed to stream and convert the videos can be downloaded at

The conversion speed depends on your computer performance. If the conversion is too slow, set the output format to MPEG4. The result files will be bigger but the conversion will be LOT faster.

If you are a Mac user, OS X Leopard (10.5) is required for Video Conversion. For Video Streaming, OS X Tiger (10.4) is enough.

Click the image below to get it!!

TomTom App Update v1.2 Released

November 19, 2009

TomTom has released it’s latest update for the iPhone which includes street name pronuctiation for the UK, USA and Australia.

Unfortunately this new update does not include street name pronuctiation for New Zealand ……yet. This may be because some of the more tricky Moari street names may be a challenge to pronouce!

The maps have been updated to include the latest changes to roading. One example I found that was missing from the last version but is there now, is the new SH20 motorway extension from Mt Roskill to the airport in Auckland.

The update also has a nifty new iPod controller built into the app plus a feature familiar to Tomtom hardware owners, ‘Help Me’ , which gives the user the ability to give the ‘AA’ etc, detailed explanation of where they are. As well as where the closest hospital , police station or other emercency service is. See the photos below for more.

The update is free for existing app owners, but still NZ$119.99 to new buyers.

The application requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later to install and run.


October 24, 2009

Every now and then and app comes along for the iPhone that makes you say,”Man that’s cool!” Well, Reeldirector is definately one of them!

When Apple released the iPhone 3gs with video capability, and on the fly video trimming, I thought hmmmm it would be cool if you could cut some clips together on the run and even add some fancy transitions and credits. Well day dream cometh true in the form of Nexvio’s Reeldirector!

The app does what it claims, looks fantastic and is childs play to use.

After using it for a day I contacted the support team at Nexvio with an idea for a future update, and within an hour I recieved a reply to say it will be in the next update- now that is service!!!!!
(or pure coincedence!)

There was one issue that would appear to be out of Nexvio’s hands, and that is if you want to cut a ‘high’ quality video together, all the clips must have been shot using the same firmware. In other words you can’t combine one video shot whilst on 3.0 with another shot on 3.1 or 3.12. You can however combine any clip from any firmware together in the ‘lower quality’ setting. A small issue to pay for an otherwise faultless app in my book!

Reeldirector gets the ‘Ants seal of approval’!!

The following is taken from the Nexvio website: (follow the link below the blurb to watch it in action on YouTube)

ReelDirector is the 1st and only video editing app for iPhone 3GS.

Add and stitch together clips, drag-and-drop to rearrange order.

Add text watermarks of title, opening credits and closing credits with 4 styles and 9 positions to choose from.

Put transitions between clips to smooth or blend the change from one scene to another. With 27 transitions to choose from, create professional looking videos with ease and fun.

Share your movies by email or save to Camera Roll.

ReelDirector features a drag-and-drop timeline, 27 video transitions and 4 text styles at 9 positions.

We are continuously working on updates with new features.

Check out the demo video here

Get it from the App Store now!

Now Playing

September 16, 2009

Now Playing

appstoreAvailable at the Appstore for $FREE!


You can now check film times for cinemas near you in New Zealand!

This addition to the app completes it’s abilities, making it super friggin cool! You can select a film and find out when and where it’s playing by simply setting your location either manually or by using the ‘location aware’ ability built into the 3g and 3gs.

Along with this, Now playing allows you to view apple movie trailers.

It lists the movies in alphabetical or due date order.

The app also shows you dates for upcoming releases of new bluray and dvd titles in the states.

I found Now Playing to be very addictive in that I can’t stop watching new trailers once I start!! And now with movie times its gold! A very stable and easy to use!

Checkout the screenshots below:

So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy!