OverBoard-Springboard page selector

December 23, 2009

image776215122.jpgIf you are like me and have a crap load of apps on you iPhone sprawled over several pages, then finding an app can become a chore!

That’s where OverBoard comes in. It is a nifty little app that allows you to view all your pages (in miniature) on your home screen. You can then simple select the page the app you want is on and bingo that page opens!

It is available for jailbroken phones at the cydia store for $1.99 us

Bloody awesome app and well worth the few bucks!

Check out the screenshots below:



February 20, 2009

iphone-guy24.jpg bitesms

Where: Cydia Free for Jailbroken Phones


Version 3.0 allows you to reply to texts on your home screen without having to open the application which is really quick and handy.

This new version is now not free, but you get a 3 week trial and then a full lifetime licence will cost you approx 12 bucks NZ ($5.95US). Well worth it.
Continue reading for my review.

Well this is one of my favorite apps for the iphone! It absolutely blows the built in sms program from apple off the stage!

With bitesms you can forward texts, insert contacts,insert smileys and even your location!

And best of all you can type a text in landscape mode with the larger keyboard! Awesome!

You can choose to send using bitesms credits (more about that at the bottom of the post) or send by carrier e.g Vodafone.

Heres the blurb all about it from the team at www.bitesms.com

Installing for iPhone firmware 2.0 and higher

To install biteSMS, you need an iPhone with Cydia installed. Then, from the iPhone home page, you only need a few taps:

Tap “Cydia” to start it:


Tap the “Sections” button:


Scroll down to the “Messaging” section and tap it:


Tap “biteSMS”:


Tap the “Install” button:


And finally tap the “Confirm” button:


You now have biteSMS installed, and can start using it straight away as a fully featured SMS application.

Here’s some great SMS features only available in biteSMS.

Forward or Delete a Message

To forward or delete a message, right-swipe any conversation bubble and you’ll be presented the option to Forward or Delete:

Landscape Mode

Typing on a wide keyboard is so much easier! In landscape mode the text is bigger too.

Adding Contacts and Location

Right-swiping the text box brings up a menu. From the menu you can add a contact or your current location.

The location is added as a Google maps URL.

Character & Credit Counter

A character counter and credit counter are neatly combined into a single circular graphical indicator.

Typically each SMS message (and biteSMS credit) allows you to send 160 characters (unless you type a special character, switching the character set to Unicode, in which case you’ll only get 70 characters).

The character and credit counter make it very clear how many credits will be used and how many characters remain for the text being entered. So let’s look at how these work.

Before you start entering text, the circle is unfilled, meaning no text has been entered. As you start to type the circle begins to fill up in a clockwise direction. As you get closer to using all the available characters for a single SMS message a prompt appears and counts down, for example “20 left”.

Once all the available characters for an SMS have been exceeded, the SMS credit counter in the center of the circle becomes “2” and the circle moves around again filling up the second credit.

Here are a few screen shots to help show this.

No text entered:

Only 12 characters left in this SMS:

Onto the second SMS credit, and only a few characters used, so plenty left for more text!

Quickly Switch between Carrier and biteSMS

Hold down the Send button for a second (until it flashes) to quickly switch from sending via the Carrier to sending via biteSMS, and vice versa.

Proxy Support

A number of applications, for example TZones Proxy Hack (from Cydia), install mobile carrier specific proxy settings on your iPhone so you can surf the web, check emails, etc. These proxy settings are honored by biteSMS, so you can also send SMS texts via a proxy!

Hide Keyboard

When typing text in an SMS message you can tap in the bubble area and the keyboard will slide away, letting you read the conversation more easily

Cool! So what’s all this credit stuff all about I hear you ask…..

What are our rates?

We charge a flat rate per SMS message sent to any supported country in the world via the biteSMS network. The biteSMS application itself is free.

Our rates differ depending upon your preferred currency for payment. We reckon you’re in New Zealand, where the rate is only 10 Aussie cents per SMS.

How it works

Simply install the biteSMS application on your iPhone, and you’ll immediately be at home with all the great SMS features you’re used to and many more…

Great! It seems to work just like the native iPhone SMS application, very easy to use.

So, how do I send SMS messages cheaper? Well, simply buy credits from us; then each time you compose an SMS, choose to send it via the biteSMS network instead of your mobile carrier.

It’s that easy – there’s no signup process, and credits are sent via SMS directly

So what are you waiting for go get it!!-cheers Ants


January 25, 2009


Where: Cydia Free for Jailbroken Phones

It was only a few days ago that I posted on a cool copy and paste app for the iphone called ‘Clippy‘.

Well, there is another kid on the block that provides copy and paste. It’s ℏClipboard, I wouldn’t say its better, but it has more options. The ability to store up to 10 entries is very handy for instance.

The following is taken from www.iphonehacks.com:

ℏClipboard is based on iKeyEx and is developed by iPhonedeveloper, kennytm. You need ajailbroken iPhone to install ℏClipboard on your iPhone. After you have installed ℏClipboard on your jailbroken iPhone, you need to enable it via the Settings app as it is turned off by default.

You can enable it by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboards and swipping your finger to turn On ℏClipboard keyboard.

    Once it is enabled, you can switch to the ℏClipboard keyboard by tapping on the Globe button as seen below.

 The ℏClipboard has the following buttons:

Copy button 

Tapping on this button copies the entire contents of the text to the clipboard. The copied item will then be visible in the clipboard section of ℏClipboard keyboard.

Select from Here/Select to Here button 

This button can be used to select portion of the text. So move the cursor to beginning of the text you want to copy and tap on Select from Here button and then go to the end of the text you want to copy and then tap Select to here button. This will copy portion of the text to the clipboard. However, I liked the ease of selecting text in Clippy rather than the “Select from here/Select to here” button of ℏClipboard.

Navigational buttons  

You can use the navigation buttons “Move to beginning” and “Move to End” for quicker navigation.

If you want to paste the contents of the clipboard simply tap on the item in the clipboard. The item just pasted will move to the top of the clipboard.

The cool thing about this app as compared to Clippy is that it allows you to copy multiple items to the clipboard and gives you very easy access to the copied items thanks to the clipboard section. You can copy up to 10 items to the clipboard.

You can also delete items in the clipboard quite easily. Swipping your finger horizontally over an item enables the “Delete” button, tapping on it will remove the item from the clipboard.

Another interesting functionality of hClipboard is a secondary clipboard called Templates. The main difference between the primary clipboard and Templates is that Templates can be used to store infinite number of items while you can copy only 10 items to the primary clipboard. So you can use Templates to record frequently used text such as usernames while you can use the primary clipboard to copy and paste temporary items.

You can toggle between the primary Clipboard and Templates by tapping on the “Switch to Templates/Clipboard” button on the lower-left corner of ℏClipboard keyboard. I really liked the ability to copy multiple items and the idea behind templates.

   Just like Clippy, one of limitiations of ℏClipboard as a keyboard extension is that it can only be used where iPhone’s virtual keyboardcould be enabled, so you cannot use it to copy text from iPhone’s Safari browser. However, developer of aptly named CopyingTextFromSafari has provided a workaround to copy text from a webpage or the entire webpage on your iPhone using ℏClipboard. You can follow the instructions mentioned here to add the bookmarklets.

You can then use the bookmarklet to copy the entire contents of the webpage or the bookmarklet to copy text from a webpage in conjunction with ℏClipboard.

    If you want to copy text from an email you have received, then forward the email which will enable iPhone’s virtual keyboard and you can then use the “copy” button. Similarly in case of SMS messages instead of using the default SMS app, you can use jailbreak iPhone app biteSMS which allows you to forward SMS which will enable iPhone’s virtual keyboard and you can then use the “copy” button. The tip to copy text from SMS and Mail were given by Aleksander, one of our readers when we had posted a review about Clippy.

You can checkout the developer’s website to find out the known issues.

ℏClipboard is easily the best Copy and Paste solution for the iPhone. If developer kennytm can implement Clippy’s way of copying text and magically figure out a cleaner way to copy text by enabling iPhone’s keyboard on a webpage then it would be the perfect Copy and Paste solution for the iPhone.

Thanks Matt for letting us know about ℏClipboard, you are right its a better application than Clippy which I think is also an impressive attempt to bring the missing feature to the iPhone.

In fact after looking at iPhone apps like ℏClipboard, I am looking forward to Apple’s implementation of Copy and Paste feature even more.

Copy and Paste! (but not quite perfect!)

January 23, 2009

iphone-guy24.jpgClippy-Copy And Paste

Where: Cydia Free for Jailbroken Phones

Well my friends,this is as close as you will get to copy and paste with the iphone so far!

It’s available in Cydia from the iSpazio source, search for clippy. It basically does what it says it will, however it is limited to apps both 3rd party(although strangely enough, not cydia!) and apps built in to the iphone that bring up the keyboard for input,only.


When the keyboard pops up you hit the number icon and a new menu appears above the keyboard with ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ in it. You then swipe over text you want to copy,say a url for instance, and hit copy. Then open any other app etc the allows text input like notes,email,sms and hit paste!

Ok, so I have typed some text into a new note and brought up the copy and paste menu by clicking the number icon. I then left swiped the text to highlight it.I then click copy.

…….clicked copy and the text appears in the little preview window next to ‘paste’…….

….opened itimesheet and clicked paste into notes area in new event…….

……opened email and pasted into subject header……….

…….and finally biteSms…….

So there you go! As I said in the title, its not quite perfect in that you can’t select text from anywhere that the keyboard isn’t present but its a pretty bloody good start! Well done to the team at the iSpazio source for their awesome work.

If anything it shows Apple that there is a way to implement copy and paste into a firmware update


January 23, 2009


cydiaAvailable in cydia for free



Nice wee app if you want to make a backup of  text(s) for reference or to keep after clearing old sms’s to speed up the sms app.

The following is taken from appleiphoneschool:

SMS2Mail is an application that allows you to send your text messages to an email account. The application opens to the main menu. The first option on the main menu is Select Phone Number. This option allows you to choose the texts from certain phone numbers…there is also a Select All option which would be basically all your text messages. From here you can select the dates from which you would like the text messages. Just tap on the From option, select a date from the calendar and then tap on Select Date. The same goes for the To option. So, you could display all text messages from September 1st to today. 

The Advanced Search option allows you to search your text messages for keywords; choose between all messages, received or sent; allows you to order your text messages either descending or ascending and allows you to choose the number of text messages it finds (unlimited, top 10 or top 50). All of the options on the main menu act as a filter so, if you want all your text messages from Sept. 1st to today that have the word “church” in them…then you would search for that key word. Or, you could choose a specific phone number and only the texts from last week from that phone number and only the text messages you received from that number last week. Basically, you can be as broad or as specific as you would like when choosing the text messages.

Once you have everything filled out, you can select Show Messages option. This will bring up all the text messages that fit the options you chose. From here, you can select all the messages using the Select All option or you can select individual messages by tapping on them. Once you have selected the messages you would like to email…tap the email icon in the upper right corner.

Now, you will need to enter the email address in which you would like to send the text messages. You can then choose to send the texts as a .csv (Excel) file or as a Plain Text file. The .csv file will show up as an attachment in the email and the plain text file will just put the plain text right into the body of the email (see screenshots below). You can also choose to change the subject of the email, the body of the email and/or the title of the file. Next you will need to set up your SMTP Server Settings.

The SMTP Server Setting automatically assume you are using a gmail account. If so, you do not have to change the information in the Address option. However, if you are using a different email company you will need to change the Address info. Below are a few options.

Yahoo – smtp.mail.yahoo.com
AOL – smtp.aol.com
Netscape – smtp.isp.netscape.com

Or, check out THIS website which lists a ton of SMTP settings. Once you have the SMTP info entered, you can then put in your login, password and email address. After everything has been entered, tap Send Mail. This will bring you back to the previous page where you can then select the Send button in the upper right corner. Once it is finished sending, you will get a pop-up saying that the email was sent successfully. (You will only have to enter your SMTP Server Settings the first time…it will keep them after that.)

I honestly did not have any problems with this application. It sent both the .cvs and plain text files quickly. I also thought that the plain text showed up very nicely in the email (see screenshot below). Sometimes plain text files can look very disorganized but, this one is nice. Overall, the application does what it says it is going to do!


Swirly MMS

January 18, 2009

iphone-guy24.jpg SwirlyMMS



Available In: Cydia Free to try $8us to buy For Jailbroken iphones








The user settings mentioned during the guide for New Zealand Vodafone are:

MMSC: pxt.vodafone.net.nz/pxtsend


APN: live.vodafone.com

USERNAME: (leave blank)

PASSWORD: (leave blank)


USER AGENT: iphone


The following is taken from the SwirlyMMS website.


SwirlyMMS is the only native MMS application for the iPhone and is the de-facto standard for sending and receiving MMS on the iPhone to and from any cell phone. SwirlyMMS has been downloaded more than 1 million times from users spread all over the world!

Download and Installation

SwirlyMMS is available for jailbroken 2G and 3G iPhones. It is very easy to download and install SwirlyMMS via Cydia, the installation program that comes with the jailbreak (read here for jailbreak information). After configuration of your MMS settings you are ready to send and receive MMSs!

Free to try, just $8 to buy!

SwirlyMMS is free to try in 14 days. If you like it you are welcome to buy SwirlyMMS for only $8! The purchase is made from your iPhone via a secure Paypal link. You do not need a Paypal account and you can pay using a major credit card like VISA and MasterCard.

If you are all set, start the installation program Cydia

SwirlyMMS is one of Cydia’s featured applications. Therefore, SwirlyMMS can be found in the Featured Packages list.Featured Packages  


Scroll down to the Commercial Applications section (SwirlyMMS is free to try in 14 days, and costs only $8 if you want to keep it) and tap SwirlyMMS to see its detailsCommercial App  

To install SwirlyMMS tap the Install button.

Install SwirlyMMS  

To confirm to start installing SwirlyMMS tap the Confirm button. 

After having clicked the Confirm button, the download will begin. After SwirlyMMS has been download it is automatically installed by Cydia.

When Cydia is finished installing SwirlyMMS you will be asked to reboot the iPhone device. It ismandatory that you do reboot the iPhone for SwirlyMMS to operate properly!

Confirm Installing SwirlyMMS


After the iPhone has rebooted you will find SwirlyMMS on the Home Screen. 

Installation is now complete and you may now launch SwirlyMMS!

However, before you can send and receive MMSs, you must setup the application as described in the next section.


In order to be able to send and receive MMSs you must first acquire a license and configure SwirlyMMS with appropriate settings that are specific for your Service Provider. The settings are MMSC and Proxy together with APN, Username and Password. Optionally, you may change the default image size when sending a picture and specify a User Agent.

So, without further ado, tap the SwirlyMMS icon to launch the application.

You may jump into the application and look around the different screens. However, to do anything useful you must have a valid license. Thus, the first thing to do is to fetch a demo license, which is a full featured license valid in 14 days. During this period you, our dear user, is encouraged to try this application out!
Ok, to fetch the Demo license, just push the Get Demo button.

Get Demo  

If everything goes well, you should see this popup message within

a few seconds. 

Note: If something goes wrong while fetching the license,

please try again later. If the problem persists,

please try to fetch the license over WiFi instead of over

3G/EDGE/GPRS or vice versa!

That is, disable 3G temporary in
Settings->General->Network: Enable 3G OFF.


Settings->WiFi: WiFi OFF.

Fetch Done



Ok, you have acquired a functional license and are ready to configure SwirlyMMS. Push the Arrow button to jump into SwirlyMMSGo Ahead !

This is the main screen and it shows the different folders where sent and received MMSs goes. 

Take note of the “m” in the statusbar. It indicates whether we have a valid MMS session or not. It is most often grey after a new installation of SwirlyMMS. To be able to send and receive MMSs however, this “m” must be green. In order to make it green we need to configure the settings.So, the first thing to do is go to the SwirlyMMS’s Settings screen. Therfore, tap the Settings icon in the bottom bar.

Go to Settings  

It is very important that you get these settings right. If they are not 100% correct, you will not be able to send and receive MMSs!! 

The settings are specific for your Service Operator. The settings shown in the picture to the left are Telia’s MMS settings in Sweden. Contact your Service Operator to find out your settings! Alternatively, you can scan our forum’s Usable Settings section, or check this list or request the Settings over-the-air (OTA) by pressing that button below.

MMSC and Proxy must always be filled in.

APN, Username and Password may be empty but should oftentimes be defined. If APN, Username and Proxy are correct, you will see a green “m”.

Image size, is set to Medium by default. If you know that your Service Operator can manage large pictures you can change this setting. Note that many Operators have a size limit of 300KB.

User Agent, some Service Operators only accept messages from known handsets. In this case, you can set your handset to be something else. Normally, this is not needed though.

Press the Save button to save your settings.

Save Settings  

So, you have now downloaded, installed and properly configured SwirlyMMS and are therefore ready to start using the application. We will start by sending an MMS to ourselves. Actually, some Service Operators requires that you activate your MMS account by sending an MMS to yourself! Also, ensure that you have MMS on your service plan!


To send an MMS, press the Compose button.Go to Compose  

To compose an MMS a recipient must be defined, either by selecting a contact from the Address Book (1) or by entering the number directly (2). A list of recipients are separated by ‘;’.
A short subject title should be entered (3). 

An MMS is composed of several media parts. SwirlyMMS is able to create an MMS with up to 10 parts. However, some Service Providers limits the number of parts and/or the size of a part and/or the size of the complete MMS. So start out small…

To compose an MMS with pictures taken from the Camera Roll or Photo Album, press the Photo Album button (4).

To snap a new picture with the iPhone, press the Camera button (5).

To write a textual message, press the Text button (6).

To select an existing file, like a video or audio clip, browse the filesystem by pressing the Finder-like button (7).

To rearrange the media parts and/or delete parts from the MMS, press the Media Parts button (8).

Finally, when the MMS has been composed and is ready to be sent, hit the Send button (9).


Ok, lets compose an MMS and have it sent to ourselves. 

Enter phone number (2) or select your contact in the Address Book (1) and a short subject title (3).

Then pick a photo from the Camera Roll (4) or from a Photo Album (4) or snap a picture with the camera (5).

Also, we add a text part to the MMS (6).

We have now composed an MMS with two media parts: one picture and one text part.

Let’s test to send it to ourselves by pushing the Send button (9)!

Send MMS  


The MMS is being sent…Sending MMS  

If everything goes well, you will hear a sound notification within a few seconds, which indicates that you have received an MMS notification. 

Note: you do not need to have SwirlyMMS running to be able to receive MMS notifications since this is handled in the background. In addition to the sound alert, a visual alert shows the number of unread MMSs on the SwirlyMMS icon’s badge in the Home screen.

Navigate to the Inbox folder. There you should see the MMS notification, marked with a blue bullet indicator. Tap it to fetch the MMS!Note: Some Service Operators, e.g. Telia Sweden, do not send out the Subject title in the MMS notification. Therefore, the space below the Senders name/phone number marked with the pink rectangle, may be empty.

Sending MMS  

The retrieval of an MMS is two-folded: first, an MMS notification is sent out to you as an SMS, informing that there is a new MMS ready to be fetched. Second, you fetch the MMS. So, after you tapped the MMS notification, SwirlyMMS connects the Proxy and then begins fetching the MMS

.Fetching MMS  

After the MMS has been fetched, its first media part is automatically shown in the MMS viewer. 

If the MMS contains a subject it is shown in the top middle. The number of media parts is indicated with an Indicator (2). So, in this case the MMS contains two media parts.

You can navigate back and forth between the media parts with the left and right arrows (1).

You can tap a picture to view it in full screen.

You can save a media part by clicking the Save button (4). Note, if you want to add a picture to your Camera Roll, save it in folder: /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE and have it renamed automatically to IMG_nnnn.JPG.

You can Reply and/or Forward an MMS by clicking the Reply/Forward button (5).

You can jump back to where you came from (3).

Fetching MMS  

If you have tried SwirlyMMS out a few days and are satisified

with how it works, you are welcome to make a purchase!

SwirlyMMS costs $8 and buying it involves just a few steps,

as described below. In short, the steps are: Press Buy,

read and accept license agreement, follow the secure

link to PayPal’s payment page, enter credit card information

and complete the payment. After having received the

confirmation email from SwirlySpace, activate the license by

pressing the Buy button followed by Activate. You’re done!



So, in order to make a purchase, just press the buy button.  

Make a purchase



Read and review the Information and License agreement. If accepted, go ahead and press Buy button to launch the Safari Web browser.Read and review  

Read the information on this page, scroll down and press the Buy Now button which open a secure link to PayPal’s payment page.Note: For those of you that hesitate to use your Credit Card on the iPhone, you can make the purchase directly from your desktop computer. In order to do that you must navigate to exactly the same link as shown on this current page! The easiest way to do so is to email this page’s link to your desktop computer by pressing the ‘+’-sign in the bottom, then selecting “Mail Link to this Page”. Alternatively, you can manually enter the same link as shown on this page, i.e.: http://www.swirlyspace.com/PayPal/BuyNow.php?purchase_code=xxx, where the somewhat longish xxx is your unique code. It is very important that you enter everything exactly as shown on this page! Failure to do so will result in an invalid license! 

Read and review  


This is a secure link to PayPal, which you use to complete the purchase. Have your credit card ready and click Continue.Paypal  

Enter your Credit card, address and email
information, then Review your order and Continue. 

Confirm and complete your purchase.Paypal Credit Card  

After having completed the purchase on the PayPal site, you will receive an email confirming your purchase together with instructions how to activate your license. Once email has been received, click the Buy button again to bring up the Activate button

Buy .


Click Activate to fetch the full license.Activate  

If everything goes well, you will see the “Fetching full license – DONE!” message. Dismiss the message and you are ready to send and receive MMSs to and from anyone! Happy MMSing!! Note: If the fetching process failed, please try again later. If the problem persists, toggle your WiFi setting, i.e. if it was switched ON, then switch it OFF, or vice versa, and try to fetch the license again.

Activate ………phew are you still there? I hope this was helpful and you enjoy being able to send and recieve pxt messages like most other mobile phone owners!  



Mxtube by MXWeas

January 18, 2009





Available In: Cydia Free For Jailbroken iphones







Mxtube is an app available for free on cydia, so you will need a jailbroken phone to get it. What does it do? Well, have you ever watched a video on YouTube on your iphone and though it would be cool to be able to download the video and store it on your phone? Well you can! Head to Cydia and click ‘Featured Packages’  

Now scroll down and select ‘MxTube’ and after the install page appears, click ‘Install’ in the top right corner.

Once installed, run MxTube

It is so simple to use. Click the search icon and look for a video.

After you select a video, you can choose to stream it and watch it right away or download it.

Now choose the quality of the download. High via wifi is obviously the best quality.

And Voila your video is now downloading!

Once its downloaded it will be accessible under the videos tab.

Enjoy!! Cheers Ants